25 Pantry Foods for Babies in Case of Emergency

Title image with kidney beans that reads "25 Pantry Foods for Babies In Case of Emergency"

Whether you want to stockpile for coronavirus, inclement weather, or a blackout, here are 25 pantry foods that are safe and healthy for babies 6 months and up:

Almond Butter*
Canned Black Beans
Canned Cannellini Beans
Canned Chicken
Canned Chickpeas
Canned Corn
Canned Kidney Beans
Canned Lentils
Canned Mandarin Oranges (in juice or water)
Canned Olives
Canned Peaches (in juice or water)
Canned Salmon
Canned Sweet Potato
Canned Tomatoes
Coconut Milk
Egg Noodles
Instant Mashed Potatoes
Peanut Butter*
Thin Rice Cakes
Whole Grain Cream of Wheat

*Must be thinned with yogurt or milk to reduce the choking hazard. Also, remember that dried fruit, beef jerky, and dehydrated fruits are choking hazards for babies and children and should be avoided.

When shopping for canned foods for your baby, always look for labels that say “low sodium” and “BPA-free”. Bisphenol A – or “BPA” is a synthetic chemical found in plastics, including the inner coating of food cans, and it’s a well-known endocrine disruptor that can contribute to hormone dysfunction. Unfortunately, many major food brands continue to line cans with BPA even though the chemical can disrupt child development.

Nut butters can be mixed with oil and added to pasta, canned fish and chicken can be mixed with mayo, and canned beans, corn, and chicken can be mixed to make easy Mexican bowls in a pinch. Lastly, coconut milk can be used as an alternative base for oatmeal and morning cereals.

Lastly, a number of brands make shelf-stable whole milk in small lunch-size cartons. These can be great in a true emergency and may be good to have around.

★Tip: Keep these foods out of your reach by putting them in a top cabinet shelf. This way you’ll be less likely to tap into the supply and they will truly be there for you in case of emergency.

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