Learning to Taste Kit

learning to taste kit

Tasting is a skill, and learning to taste takes some bravery and a lot of practice. These four guides will help you to teach your child this valuable skill which will help them at and away from the table.

Picky Eating Essentials

picky eating essentials

Only need the essentials? This mini bundle gives you the four guides you’ll need to start to reverse picky eating without any recipes.

Lunch & Snack Kit

lunch and snack ideas for toddlers

Menus, recipes, and snack ideas for the never-ending job of feeding toddlers and preschoolers. Includes our lunch box and snack ideas guides as well as energy ball recipes you can make ahead of time. Save time, money, and help prevent picky eating.

Toddler Essentials

how to stop throwing and unwanted behaviors

Everything you need to navigate the toddler years at the table without any unnecessary info. This mini bundle includes our ebook on how to wean your toddler from milk/bottle feeds, how to teach your child to safely eat high-risk foods they will inevitably be offered at parties and school, and how to gracefully handle food… Read More »

Recipe & Meal Kit

meal and recipe kit

Comprehensive recipe e-book bundle featuring 300+ family recipes that can be shared with baby. Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with our meal planning template to help you get organized. All of these guides are also included in the complete Starting Solids bundle. Perfect for parents and caregivers who: Need meal ideas Have a… Read More »

How to Start Solids & Raise a Happy Eater

Presenting the world’s first comprehensive video course on starting solids with a focus on preventing picky eating. A labor of love, this digital self-guided video series leaves no stone unturned while presenting everything you need to know in brief, 5- to 10-minute videos to be played one at a time or all at once. No boring PowerPoint… Read More »

First Foods Essentials

Intended for babies about to start solid food as well as babies who are transitioning to finger food, the First Foods bundle offers approachable, yet detailed guides that cover the best—and worst—foods for babies. Detailing exactly what you need to know and sparing you of unnecessary noise, the First Foods bundle is a must have for parents… Read More »