75 Lunch Menus for Babies & Toddlers

A guide cover for the Solid Starts lunch recipe book that has the heading: "75 Lunches for Babies & Toddlers" and shows a silver tray with whole string beans, kidney beans and toasts with ricotta cheese on them

We know that offering babies and toddlers a wide variety of food helps prevent picky eating and provides optimal nutrition. But the reality of our lives often makes this aspiration challenging–if not impossible. This recipe e-book is designed to help achieve that aspiration of offering your child a wide variety of food and flavors with real-life in mind: limited time, money, and allergen restrictions of daycare. 

With 25 easy ideas for at-home lunches, 25 quick prep lunches for daycare, and 25 freezable batch cooking recipes, 75 Lunch Menus for Babies & Toddlers offers a range of meal ideas for your life and reality. 

Recipe Breakdown:

  • Vegetarian & Egg-Free: 58 recipes
  • Gluten-Free: 45 recipes
  • Dairy-Free: 23 recipes
  • Vegan: 14 recipes

Have a caregiver? Simply print out the recipe for that day or share the guide. Once you purchase and download the e-book, it’s yours for life.

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