Caden, 8 months

How to Start Solids and Raise a Happy Eater

A video course for introducing real food to babies and preventing picky eating.

The first course of its kind to show how to introduce real food to babies and prevent picky eating.

Course is available individually and is also in our Starting Solids bundle.

“Unparalleled resources.”

Momtastic, February 2022

Suitable for ages 6 months and up.

All videos are closed captioned in English and Spanish.
Todos los videos están subtitulados en español e inglés. 

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Sebastián, 11 months

The course features 12 easy-to-follow videos

Readiness for Solids

Choking & Infant Rescue

Timing of Meals

What Foods to Serve Baby

Preparing Food for Baby

Introducing Allergens

High Chairs

What to Expect from Baby

Foods to Avoid

Portion Sizes

Cups and Straws

Weaning and Schedules

Short videos you can watch anytime. Watch them individually or all at once. All together, 2 hours and 45 minutes of content.

Key Course Takeaways

  • Learn how to introduce real food to baby in a safe and supportive way.

  • Learn how to cut and prepare food to minimize choking risk.

  • Understand how to fit solids into baby’s schedule.

  • Learn how to position baby in their high chair for maximum success.

  • Learn how to prevent picky eating.

  • Build your confidence by learning how babies learn to eat and swallow safely.

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    What Our Community Says

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve created here! It’s truly amazing! I got a lot of family questions for approaching eating with my daughter using Solid Starts. People are so used to purees and anything new can be scary. But my daughter is now 11 months old and she eats what we eat and she tries everything and it’s just been amazing. Thank you for the revolution!


    I also purchased your meal ideas/recipe’s (my favorite is the lunch!) and love all of the recipe ideas. Both this and all of the (free!) content online was such a game changer for me. My almost one year old eats EVERYTHING I put in front of her now. The other day I blended kale with almond milk and she even slurped that down! She’s an amazing self feeder. I can’t thank you enough for all of your content. I use your food database weekly. Thank you for giving me confidence around meal time! So grateful!


    Thank you for all you do and dedication you have in this. Not just for providing amazing information but letting us all be in your life and your family space (Instagram moments) day in and day out – I can only imagine how tiring and tricky it gets at times.

    You inspire us and empower us. You are changing so many people’s lives. It truly IS a revolution!


    Solid Starts is a game changer for me. Feeding my babe is just simply providing him food. No more power struggles, “baby food” and it’s LIBERATING


    Solid Starts changed the food game! We literally went from a nightmare to actually enjoying food!