Access Pass

Gain access to all Solid Starts guides and our virtual video course on starting solids by purchasing an Access Pass for a one time fee. Access Pass holders also receive one-on-one email support from a team of licensed pediatric feeding specialists.

After purchasing, you will be able to download any guide immediately and have on-demand access to our starting solids virtual course.

Perfect for:

  • Babies about to start solids
  • Parents who want to take an intentional approach to selecting nutritious first foods
  • Babies in transition from spoon-feeding to finger foods
  • Those in need of menu and recipe ideas for babies and toddlers

Note: The Access Pass does not include the Solid Starts app (which is a free app with an optional premium features to track and record foods). Because of the way Apple and Google work, the app must be sold separately through those app stores and we are unable to merge payment systems.

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