Recipe & Meal Kit

meal and recipe kit

Comprehensive recipe e-book bundle featuring 300+ family recipes that can be shared with baby. Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with our meal planning template to help you get organized. All of these guides are also included in the complete Starting Solids bundle.

Perfect for parents and caregivers who:

  • Need meal ideas
  • Have a baby or toddler who has already started solids
  • Like to cook and want to explore new recipes

Recipe Breakdown:

  • Egg-free: 150+ recipes
  • Gluten-free: 150+ recipes
  • Vegetarian: 150+ recipes
  • Dairy-free: 100+ recipes
  • Vegan: 50+ recipes

Guides included:

A Solid Starts guide cover that reads "50 Breakfasts for Babies & Toddlers" and shows a bowl of yogurt with blackberries
A guide cover for the Solid Starts lunch recipe book that has the heading: "75 Lunches for Babies & Toddlers" and shows a silver tray with whole string beans, kidney beans and toasts with ricotta cheese on them
a guide cover that says "Weekly Meal Planner" with outlines of food icons on it