Meal & Recipe Ideas Kit

Take the stress out of day-to-day cooking for your family and get organized! This comprehensive bundle includes everything you need to plan out your family’s meals each week—while working to keep up a wide variety of foods for your children. Featuring 225 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus 100 snack ideas that focus on the key nutrients that children need, our Meal and Recipe Ideas Kit will help you keep a wide variety of food on the table and push your family’s palate.

Best for babies who have already been introduced to allergens. Just starting out on solids? See our First Foods Essentials bundle.

Perfect for parents and caregivers who:

  • Like to cook and want to explore recipes from around the world
  • Need out-of-the box ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Have a toddler or baby who has already started solids
  • Want to focus on nutrient-dense foods that children need for optimal growth

Guides Included:

Perfect for parents and caregivers who want to offer a wide variety of nutritious breakfast foods to their baby or toddler
Perfect for parents and caregivers who need lunch ideas for babies or toddlers at home or make-ahead lunch recipes for daycare
Perfect for families with babies or toddlers and want lots of ideas and recipes
Perfect for toddler parents who need ideas for unprocessed snacks.