Baby-led Weaning with Daycare & Caregivers

A guide cover that reads "Baby-led Weaning with Daycare & Caregivers" and shows some cheese and berries in a lunch box

You’ve decided how you want to introduce solids, and now it’s time to enlist your baby’s caregivers. Whether at daycare or with a caregiver at home, this downloadable guide will give you and baby’s caregivers everything needed to feed with confidence in your absence. Includes 3 weeks of low-risk, nut-free, minimal mess lunch ideas.

Part for the parent and part for the caregivers, this guide includes information and tips on preparing food in advance for daycare or caregivers, lists all the foods to avoid when your baby is not in your care, talks you through how to modify foods to reduce the choking risk, lays out 3 weeks of low-risk, nut-free, minimal mess lunch and snack ideas, and includes 4 handouts for your daycare facility or that can easily be posted on the refrigerator for your caregiver’s reference.

Detailing exactly what you need to know and sparing you of unnecessary noise, Baby-led Weaning with Daycare & Caregivers is a must have for parents who want to enlist caregivers to learn about baby-led weaning and support them with the “how to” information to start solids with finger food.

  • 21 nut-free, low-choking risk, minimal mess lunch + snack menu ideas
  • Foods to avoid when baby is not in your care
  • Handouts for daycare providers and caregivers that include food sizes by age of baby, how to cut common foods, do’s and don’ts of baby-led weaning, do’s and don’ts, and frequently asked questions and answers.

Perfect for:

  • Babies starting solids with baby-led weaning who are in daycare or with caregivers
  • Daycare professionals interested in baby-led weaning
  • Caregivers, family and babysitters of babies starting solids with finger food
  • Babies in daycare who are in transition from spoon-feeding to finger foods
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