Baby-led Weaning with Daycare & Caregivers

A guide cover that reads "Baby-led Weaning with Daycare & Caregivers" and shows some cheese and berries in a lunch box

You’ve decided how you want to introduce solids, and now it’s time to enlist your baby’s caregivers. Whether at daycare or with a caregiver at home, this guide will give you and baby’s caregivers everything needed to feed with confidence in your absence.

Perfect for:

  • Starting solids with baby-led weaning
  • Daycare professionals interested in baby-led weaning
  • Caregivers, family and babysitters of babies starting solids with finger food
  • Babies in daycare who are in transition from spoon-feeding to finger foods

This guide is available individually and is also included in our Starting Solids bundle.

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