75 Toddler Lunch Box Menus

Out of ideas for packed lunches? Our toddler lunch guide will keep things easy, organized and full of variety. Featuring 35 no-cook, easy lunch box meals, 25 easy lunches you can make-the-night-before, 10 batch cooking meals to freeze, and 5 take out leftover options, lunch will feel a lot easier.

These lunches are practical, simple, and nourishing so everyone wins. No unnecessary frills. Appropriate for ages 12 months and up. Adults included!

This guide is available individually and is also in our Toddlers at the Table bundle.

Recipe Snapshot:

  • Nut-free: 60+ meal ideas
  • Vegetarian: 55
  • Egg-free: 50
  • Dairy-free: 43
  • Vegan: 27
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