10 Week Plan to Reverse Picky Eating

Picky eating guide cover that reads "10 Week Plan to Reverse Picky Eating"

This guide will be available January 25, 2022.

A comprehensive step-by-step, week-by-week plan to jumpstart eating and repair your child’s relationship with food and the table.

Written by nationally recognized feeding therapists Kary Rappaport and Kim Grenawitzke, this guide is the first of its kind to offer a concrete plan of action to reverse picky eating and expand the number of foods a child is willing to taste and, eventually, eat.

Plan Overview:

Week 1:         Re-Set

Week 2:         Initiate mealtime schedule / windows

Week 3:         Increasing variety

Week 4:         Moving towards a family meal

Week 5:         Rotating in liked but less preferred foods (moving away from safety foods)

Week 6:         Learning to taste

Week 7:         Reducing safety foods at one meal per day

Week 8:         Bringing exploration and tasting to the table

Week 9:         Reducing safety foods at each meal

Week 10:     Offering a family meal one meal per day

Important Note: This guide is for families whose children are developing typically. If your child has concurrent medical or behavioral health needs, severe sensory processing challenges, is not gaining weight appropriately or is underweight, we recommend speaking with your child’s medical provider about their growth and nutrition before attempting any of the strategies here. Sometimes, this may involve a referral to a pediatric registered dietitian, pediatric gastroenterologist, feeding therapist, aerodigestive team, or in the case of sensory processing, a referral to a pediatric occupational therapist with specialty training in sensory integration to better address these challenges and provide additional recommendations.

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