Toddlers at the Table

A virtual course for preventing picky eating and managing tantrums at the table.

The first course of its kind to address toddler eating from all angles: social-emotional, neuro-developmental, oral motor, and sensorimotor. 

This course is available individually and is also included in our Toddler bundle.

“Unparalleled resources.”

Momtastic, February 2022

Suitable for ages 1 to 4.

All videos are closed captioned in English and Spanish.

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 Julian, 2 years

The course features 10 easy-to-follow videos


Preventing Picky Eating

Getting to the Table Happy

High Chair Transitions

Managing Food Refusal

Food Throwing

Learning to Eat Challenging Foods

Normal Mealtime Behavior

Manners and Utensils


Videos may be watched individually or all at once, 2 hours in total.

Key Course Takeaways

  • How to shorten a toddler’s selective eating phase and prevent picky eating.

  • Safely transition from a high chair to a new age-appropriate seat.

  • How to handle tantrums and food refusals with grace.

  • Safely introduce challenging foods and build oral-motor skills.

  • How to wean (partially or fully) in a developmentally supportive way.

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    What Our Community Says

    My daughter is almost 2 and we started Solid Starts practices a few months ago after she showed signs of pickiness (not eating anything but goldfish crackers and some rice). But after I took the pressure off myself and her to eat and switched up how I served her food, I am happy to report she will try almost anything I serve her!! And is finally eating full meals! I could’ve cried, so much anxiety gone. So thank you to you and your team!


    I have a 2 year old son and I was fortunate enough to discover Solid Starts not too long after starting solids with him. He is going to be starting daycare for the first time this summer, and I am super excited about the lunch box menu and other new resources, as we are in the thick of toddlerhood. He also has some developmental delays that we are navigating, so it’s a big relief that food is one thing we do not have to stress about in our household, largely thanks to finding Solid Starts.


    This week, my 17 month old daughter decided she wanted the whole grape, not the cut ones I was putting in her bowl – and man was I scared. But my husband and I stopped and coached her to take bites and eat slowly and a week in, she’s a freaking pro. I still won’t be sending whole grapes to daycare, but man, I felt so confident in my ability to handle the situation.


    Starting solids for me was really really challenging and because of you and the team, our baby girl just adores her food. At the table we have a blast, we dance and sing, we ‘cheers’, we share our highs and lows of the day and when she doesn’t eat or tantrums (which is happening plenty these days, hello toddler life…), we stay cool and it passes, it always passes. I rave about you guys and am passing on everything I am learning to all my friends and their babes and every single one of them has been blown away by the results.


    Solid Starts changed the food game! We literally went from a nightmare to actually enjoying food!