Our Starting Solids course and individual videos are included in our Starting Solids Access Pass, which gives you lifetime access to these videos, guides, and recipe e-books. Please note that the on-demand webinars are not included.

Have a picky eater? See our guides + course on Reversing Picky Eating.

Starting Solids Course

Comprehensive course on starting solids with a focus on preventing picky eating. This digital self-guided video series leaves no stone unturned while presenting everything you need to know in brief, 5- to 10-minute videos, as well as in a single feature length version.

Created by expert pediatric feeding and swallowing specialists Kary Rappaport and Kim Grenawitzke, this course is the first of its kind to focus on oral-motor skills along with sensory and social-emotional skills.

All videos are closed captioned in English and Spanish.

Este curso está incluido en el pase de acceso y tienen subtítulos en inglés y español.

On-Demand Webinars

Transitioning to finger food with an older baby or trying to prevent or reverse picky eating? While these are not included in the Access Pass, they might be exactly what you are looking for.

Individual Videos

All of the below videos are included with your purchase of either the Starting Solids course or the Starting Solids Access Pass.

Todos estos videos están incluidos con el pase de acceso o en el paquete de videos y tienen subtítulos en inglés y español.

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