Baby-led Weaning on a Budget

Baby-led weaning on a budget title

If starting solids with baby-led weaning feels impossible due to budget constraints or because you don’t want to waste the jarred baby food or infant cereal provided to you by supplemental food benefit programs, this is the guide for you.

Featuring practical tips and strategies for utilizing ingredients from supplemental food benefit programs like WIC and Healthy Start, Baby-led Weaning on a Budget offers ideas for budget-friendly foods with a focus on the nutritional needs of babies, sample weekly meal plans, tips and tricks to economize in the kitchen, and more than 25 recipes. The guide is free and will be free forever so feel free to download, print, and share.

Included in this free guide:

  • Baby-led weaning basics
  • Strategies for minimizing food waste
  • 3 weeks of meal plans + recipes
  • Lists of budget-friendly foods that are good for babies 6 months+
  • Creative ways to use jarred baby food and infant cereals provided by supplemental food programs
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