How to do Baby Led Weaning with Spoons

Baby Levi holds a spoon and grabs at some oatmeal

Training your baby to use a spoon

There are numerous benefits to letting your baby self-feed but the mess is REAL. Here’s one way to train your baby to eat independently—with a spoon.

Step 1. Stand behind your baby’s high chair with 2 or 3 baby spoons.

Step 2. Preload one spoon and rest it on the edge of your baby’s bowl. (Younger babies will benefit from the spoon being handed to them vertically in the air.)

Step 3. As your baby is eating with the first spoon, preload the 2nd spoon and rest it on the bowl. If needed, catch the first spoon as your baby lets go of it and guide their hand to the bowl. Repeat with the first spoon and so on…

How to do baby-led weaning with spoons

If you do this consistently for a couple of weeks, your baby’s muscle memory should retrain the arm from shooting off to the side to drop the spoon to a motion that reaches more forward toward the table. 

We will be coming out with our official baby spoon recommendations by age soon!

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