Virtual Course: How to Start Solids & Raise a Happy Eater

How to Start Solids & Raise a Happy Eater online course

Presenting the world’s first comprehensive virtual course on starting solids with a focus on preventing picky eating. A labor of love, this digital self-guided video course leaves no stone unturned while presenting everything you need to know in brief, 5- to 10-minute videos. No boring PowerPoint slides here!

Led by expert pediatric feeding and swallowing specialists Kary Rappaport and Kim Grenawitzke, this virtual course is the first of its kind to focus on oral-motor skills along with sensory and social-emotional skills.

How to Start Solids and Raise a Happy Eater was designed to make starting solids less stressful — and fun! Learn how to confidently raise a happy, healthy eater with topics including keeping baby safe with finger foods, picking the right high chair, introducing common allergens, and preventing picky eating. 

This course is closed captioned.

Perfect for:

  • Parents and caregivers of babies who have yet to start solid food
  • Parents and caregivers of babies who have started solids but want to prevent picky eating
  • Parents and caregivers of babies who need to transition from spoon-feeding to self-feeding
  • Those interested in learning more about baby-led weaning

Videos included:

  • Approaches to starting solids
  • Readiness signs for starting solids
  • How to pick a high chair
  • Feeding schedules
  • What foods to serve
  • Foods to avoid
  • How to introduce allergens
  • Infant + toddler choking rescue
  • Portion sizes
  • Transitioning from spoon-feeding to self-feeding
  • Cup drinking
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