Finger Food First: Baby-led Weaning Basics

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How to safely start your baby on solid food with a focus on real food. Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits to encouraging your baby to eat independently and in fact, most babies are able to self-feed around 6 months of age. This webinar, led by pediatric feeding experts Kary Rappaport and Kim Grenawitzke, will walk you through how to start solids with baby-led weaning (or combo feeding approaches) and will educate you on choking, gagging, how to prepare food safely for your little one, and how to transition from spoon feeding to finger foods. Designed for parents and caregivers of babies 0 to 18 months old, Finger Food First: Baby-led Weaning Basics will cover everything you need to know about offering real food to your baby or toddler.

Perfect for parents and caregivers of:

  • Parents of babies 0 to 18 months old
  • Parents of babies about to start solids
  • Parents who want to learn more about baby-led weaning / compare methods
  • Parents who want to transition from spoon-feeding to self feeding

Webinar Features

  • Baby-led weaning benefits and research
  • How to create a safe eating environment
  • What you need to know about gagging, choking and vomiting
  • How to ensure your baby is getting enough to eat
  • Transitioning from spoon feeding to finger foods
  • How to safely prepare any finger food for babies
  • Problem solving common issues with baby-led weaning

This recorded webinar is 2 hours long and can be paused, replayed, and rewatched at anytime.

What is Baby-led Weaning?

Baby-led weaning is a method of introducing solid foods that skips purées and spoon feeding and allows the baby to self-feed finger foods right away. For more on different methods of introducing solids, hop over to Starting Solids and Baby-led Weaning.