Solid Starts Mom Spotlight: Hannah Haro

Hannah Haro breastfeeds her baby.

Please join us Thursday, April 30, 2020 for an Instagram Live with Hannah Haro, mama to 17 month old Mina, physical therapist, and Austin Moms Blog contributor. 

We first met Hannah on Instagram when she began introducing solids to Mina back in July of last year and you may remember her from our quarantine mom series we did last month. Her strategy for getting Mina through these long days of covid? Baths. Lots and lots of baths!

And remember that day we decided to face our fears and try edible grasshoppers? Hannah and Mina were the first to join in that challenge! 

We will will go live with Hannah at 8:15pm eastern tonight. We’ll chat about all things toddlers and food, momming in covid, and how she chose to introduce solids to Mina.

This interview is the second in our new #SolidStartsMom series. Want to be featured? Post your thoughts on motherhood on Instagram with the hashtag and we’ll select a couple profiles each month. #momitforward

xo Jenny

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