Picky Eater Tip: The Power of Choice

a white plate showing foods served two ways: salmon burger, plain salmon, hard boiled egg with white, just the yolk, etc

Are you giving your child enough choices at mealtime?  When it comes to picky eaters, choice is EVERYTHING.

Many of you know that Charlie, my 4 year old, stopped eating when he turned one. Not like stopped eating will only eat bananas and applesauce eating but STOPPED EATING. Wouldn’t touch anything fresh. Not a banana. Not french fries. Not even a tater tot.

There are a lot of reasons for Charlie’s picky eating path. But one way out is almost always through choice. 

This is an example of lunch I prepared for Charlie. I have been refraining from giving bread at all because it’s ALL he will eat and then the babies see him eating bread and then it’s ALL they will eat and it becomes a total carb chaos, but I wanted to share it with you here because choice doesn’t have to be hard. It can be as simple as presenting an the same food 2 different ways. 

This presentation of choice also works great for introducing new foods to babies! 

For more, check out our webinars on how to prevent picky eating and how to reverse it.

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