Mom Spotlight: Natalie Archer, Endometriosis Fighter

Natalie Archer on her bed, belly exposed, 20 weeks pregnant

Pictures can be deceiving. And so can our internal biases. What do you see?

My first reaction is that I see a gorgeous mama-to-be, probably a model, at peace with her body. I also see a bed with crisp, clean white sheets I would really like to sleep in! 

Meet Natalie Archer. Natalie has endometriosis and hyperemesis gravidarum. Which means she’s in constant pelvic pain and barfing a lot. While watching her toddler. 

Atlas, 2 years, holds his mother's IV line in the hospital

Natalie has been in the Solid Starts community before it even had that name and she’s been through the ringer. She’s spent more time in bed with an IV in her arm than anyone I know.

In case you are not familiar, endometriosis symptoms include killer cramps, heavy periods, vomiting, diarrhea, pain with urinating, pain during sex, fatigue, and infertility. The physical limitations forced Natalie to explore how she could work from home—where she could be in her PJs with a hot water bottle tucked in the front of her pants line.

Natalie Archer feeds her son a French fry from her mouth

Australian by birth and living in NYC with her toddler Atlas and partner Jake, Natalie studied psychology and neuroscience in college. She eventually founded the Endometriosis Coalition and today when she’s not incubating a baby and caring for a toddler, she’s running a support group for women with pelvic health issues. She wanted me to share that if you have any Qs about pelvic pain that you can DM her on Instagram anytime.

Natalie will be LIVE with us on Instagram Sunday, July 19 at 10am eastern.

See you there. xo Jenny

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