How to Prevent Picky Eating Before It Starts

a four year old boy reaches for a sliver cream pitcher

This little cream pitcher changed everything.

Charlie, our picky eater-in-chief stopped drinking milk around 18 months old. Just up and stopped one day. Decided that he no longer liked milk of any kind. Not plant-based milks, not cow milk, not powdered toddler formula. If it was white, he wasn’t going to drink it. And he was determined to eat his granola dry.

Two years later I found this little silver pitcher on the sidewalk. A lightbulb went on in my head. What would happen if I filled it with cream and nonchalantly left it near Charlie’s bowl of cereal in the morning? 


Charlie now won’t eat breakfast unless this pitcher is on the table, filled with heavy cream. 

Did that little pitcher solve his picky eating? No. Picky eating is much more complicated; there is no quick fix. But it did empower him to choose to put dairy back in his diet.  

I created Solid Starts to help other parents prevent picky eating and embrace a wide variety of foods early in the starting solids journey. With that, I’m excited to share our second webinar, How to Prevent Picky Eating.

This is the webinar I needed when I was raising Charlie. Everyone talks about how to reverse picky eating but few talk about how to prevent it. Led by two expert feeding therapists, it is perfect for parents of babies 0 to 24 months old.  It is not to be missed and will absolutely save you time, money, and heartbreak later down the road. 

Have a picky eater already? See our guides and virtual course: Reversing Picky Eating.

See you there. xo Jenny

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