How to Cut Melons for Babies

a cantaloupe cut in half before being prepared for babies starting solid food

Hard, slippery fruit is a choking hazard for babies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve it.

How to prepare melon safely for babies:
1️⃣ Wash the outside of the melon as they are notorious for carrying bacteria (from growing on the ground.) You know, where animals poop!

2️⃣ Cut open and scrape out any seeds. Cut again into half-moon pieces. Cut the rind off.

3️⃣ Cut each half-moon piece into ruler-thin slices. Long, wide and thin.  This shape not only reduced the choking hazard of hard, slippery fruit, it makes it easier for babies to self-feed.

Melons are a great bang for your buck and can last a while. Use any leftovers as a liquid base for smoothies (12mos+ but ideally 15mos+) as they are high in water content. You can also freeze leftover melon and use those chunks for smoothies in a future week.
Stay well, everyone. ♡

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