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My passion for this endeavor was born out of sheer frustration.

It was 2:45 a.m. I had been up all night, searching the Internet for information on how to introduce certain foods to my twin babies. Into Google I typed basic questions like, “When can my baby eat eggs? How common are egg allergies in babies? Are hard-boiled eggs a choking hazard?”

Never in one place, the information from my various Google queries led me on an endless scavenger hunt, down rabbit holes and back out again. Most of the websites I found locked the information I needed behind a pay wall, while the websites that offered free information lacked organization, credibility, and detail. The next night, I’d repeat the process with a different food. So, ingredient by ingredient, I started saving the information I found. I bought every book, I downloaded every app, I followed every guru—and I organized all the research that I gathered. Soon I had a baby food encyclopedia on my hands, with detailed information that I knew would benefit other parents.

Fast forward several months and here we are. Solid Starts consists of passionate mamas like me, experienced food writers and researchers, and a badass nutritionist with a specialty in pediatric nutrition and baby-led weaning (what we call #FingerFoodFirst).

I had a choice when we built this site. I could lock it behind a membership fee, or I could share what I learned with all the tired parents out there in need of immediate answers. I chose the latter. I poured hours of my own time into it. I wrote before my babies woke and after they went to bed—and spent a lot of my own savings to bring it to reality.

So, welcome. I hope the information here makes it easier—and less stressful—to introduce solid food to your baby. Because eating should be natural, and fun.

–Jenny Best, founder, Solid Starts

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