Eater of the Week: Onyx

Onyx, 7 months old, eats with a spoon.

Meet our Eater of the Week, Onyx, 7 months.

Onyx’s mom, Natalie (@natalie.irl) shares that it’s been really affirming to see so many people on Solid Starts feeding babies food from their own cultures from day one. Natalie is Gullah from South Carolina and Onyx’s dad is Puerto Rican. Onyx’s meals reflect his Afro-Latino heritage, and his rice and bean game is strong!

Onyx, 7 months, eating a hard-boiled egg picnic-style.

The Gullah are a distinctive group of African Americans who live in the Lowcountry coastal and sea island regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and certain parts of Florida. Geographically isolated, the Gullah have preserved their cultural heritage and language, which is a Creole language with similarities to Sierra Leone Krio. Gullah cuisine centers around rice, which their ancestors planted for white plantation owners. (American colonists had no knowledge of how to cultivate rice and bought slaves to do it, preferring Africans from the rice-growing regions of West Africa: Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.) Lowcountry boil, now widely eaten across Georgia, South Carolina, and Louisiana, originated as a one-pot Gullah dish featuring shrimp, potatoes, sausage, corn, and sometimes crab. One-pot dishes are a cornerstone of Gullah cooking with creativity and ingenuity driving combinations of garden and ocean harvests.

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