From Spoons to Fingers

a webinar cover that reads "From Spoons to Fingers: Transitioning to Independent Eating"

The transition from spoon-feeding to self-feeding can be tricky at best. Some babies take comfort in being fed; others want total control. And many babies start out loving their purées only to reject being fed a couple of months later.

From Spoons to Fingers is designed for parents and caregivers who need support in making the leap to finger food. Perhaps your baby happily ate purées and is now rejecting them. Or isn’t showing any interest in feeding themselves. Or perhaps you are just at the point where you don’t want to spoon-feed anymore and want your baby to eat independently.

Led by our expert pediatric feeding therapists, Kary Rappaport and Kim Grenawitzke, this live webinar will take you through the stages of learning to eat, offer actionable strategies for getting your baby to self-feed, and trouble shoot common issues.