BLW con un presupuesto limitado

Si hacer BLW o alimentación autorregulada te parece imposible debido a limitaciones financieras o porque no quieres desperdiciar las papillas o el cereal para bebés que te proporcionan los programas de asistencia nutricional, esta es la guía para ti. Con consejos prácticos y estrategias para utilizar ingredientes disponibles a través de programas de asistencia nutricional… Read More »

10 Ways to Naturally Relieve Constipation in Toddlers

Written by our double-board certified pediatrician and gastroenterologist, this guide covers all possible at-home remedies for constipation and offers tips for keeping things… ahem, moving along. Intended for children 12 months and up. This guide is available individually and is also included in our Toddlers at the Table bundle.

Toddler rescue: Heimlich & CPR

Toddlers tend to be wiggly, distracted, and over-confident, so knowing how to respond in an emergency situation is crucial when feeding your toddler. Toddlerhood is also a time when your child is taking on new challenges so knowing toddler rescue and first aid is essential. This guide is not available yet, but will be published… Read More »

101 Snack Ideas for Toddlers

On pre-sale! Buy now and you’ll be notified when the guide is ready. Price will increase on July 1. This guide will help you avoid (or break free) from pricey snacks marketed to kids and get you on track with nourishing and age appropriate snacks for your toddler. Includes 100+ healthy snack combination ideas from… Read More »

Introducing Choking Hazards

Toddlerhood is a time of increased independence and mobility, which means increased risk of dangers like choking. This is the time to help your toddler build important new skills for managing challenging foods, which allows them to eat family foods safely but may also be life-saving one day. This guide is not available yet, but… Read More »

How to Wean from Breast or Bottle

Solid Starts guide cover for how to wean your baby or toddler from breast or bottle feeds. Shows a picture of a toddler drinking milk from a bottle.

The ultimate toddler weaning guide. This comprehensive e-book features step-by-step instructions for weaning from breast or bottle and gives you everything you need to reduce or stop milk feeds with grace and calm. Bonus section on pacifier weaning is included as well. Intended for children 12 months and up. This guide is available individually and… Read More »

High Chair Transitions

Everything you need to know about transitioning your toddler out of an infant high chair, into a full-fledged member of the family meal. We discuss your seating options, when to ditch the infant chair, what to use next, and how to minimize high chair battles. This guide is available individually and is also included in… Read More »

How to Stop Food Throwing and Unwanted Behaviors

This guide is all about the most frustrating toddler mealtime behaviors, including food throwing. We will talk you through how to respond to food throwing and more to end the behavior quickly but lovingly. This guide is not available yet, but will be published within the next few weeks. To take advantage of the bundle… Read More »

15 Ways to Interest Toddlers in Trying New Foods

Food neophobia, or a fear of new food is a very real toddler phase that can last years. In this guide we’ll give you 15 simple strategies to help get a resistant toddler exploring and tasting new foods. This guide is available individually and is also included in our Toddlers at the Table bundle.

75 Toddler Lunch Box Menus

Out of ideas for packed lunches? Our toddler lunch guide will keep things easy, organized and full of variety. Featuring 35 no-cook, easy lunch box meals, 25 easy lunches you can make-the-night-before, 10 batch cooking meals to freeze, and 5 take out leftover options, lunch will feel a lot easier. These lunches are practical, simple,… Read More »

Do’s and Don’ts for Toddlers at the Table

Do's and Don'ts with Toddlers at the Table

When it comes to feeding kids, our good intentions as parents and caregivers can have unintended consequences. This tips sheet will help you and your caregivers keep the big picture in mind and avoid well-intentioned mistakes that can lead to (or worsen) picky eating. This guide is available individually and is also included in our… Read More »

20 Energy Ball Recipes for Toddlers

cover for toddler energy balls

Recipes for 20 nutrition-packed but delicious energy balls to keep your toddler strong at snack time. No baking required. Just mix, form into balls, and freeze. Recipes include 10 energy balls free of allergens. Note: This recipe book is intended for children 18 months and older and is not suitable for babies as many recipes… Read More »