Discounts for Solid Starts Followers

three cups and baby spoons on a counter for babies starting solids to promote a discount code for Solid Starts followers

As those of you have been following know, Solid Starts doesn’t accept affiliate revenue, commissions, or paid partnerships to push products. It’s a policy we put in place when corporate offers started rolling in and it feels really important to us to stick to.

We do, however, accept discounts that benefit you. No affiliate revenue, no commissions, no sponsorships, no quid pro quo. Just as a gift to you in appreciation for following us early in our journey.

Before you get started for solids, be sure to brush up on Safety Tips and consider getting our First Foods Essentials kit so you know which foods to avoid and how to safely introduce common allergens.

Looking for discounts on Solid Starts guides or courses? We don’t often have discounts as anyone can apply for complimentary guides and courses any time. We also offer tips in our weekly email. Sign up here.

On a budget but don’t want to apply for free guides? See our free guide Babyled Weaning on a Budget and consider getting our First Foods Essentials bundle and using that alongside the free First Foods® database.

Discounts for Solid Starts followers:

25% off Tiny Organics food delivery (code SOLIDSTARTS25)

25% off Juna pregnancy & postpartum app (code SOLIDSTARTS)

20% off Tilly’s Choice toddler mealtime choice cards (code SOLIDS20)

20% off Simka Rose bibs and products (code SOLIDSTARTS)

20% off your first purchase of maternal nutrition from Nunona (code SOLIDSTARTS)

15% off Tovla Jr. kitchen tools for kids (code SOLIDSTARTS)

15% off Grabease utensils and toothbrushes (code SOLIDSTARTS)

15% off Eatable Alphabet cards and other products by ChopChop Family Magazine (code SOLIDSTARTS15)

15% off Legendairy Milk products (code SOLIDSTARTS15)

15% off Merci Mercado (code SOLIDSTARTS)

15% off Positively Pilates 5 or 10 Zoom Class Cards and 5 on-demand mat classes (Register here)

15% off Yeah Baby Goods highchair accessories and products (code solidstarts15)

15% off GoBe Snack Spinners (code SOLIDSTARTS15)

10% off Lalo high chairs and other products (code SOLIDSTARTS10)

10% off Love & Fit Shop nursing active wear (code SOLIDSTARTS)

10% off Be My Breast Friend Boob bag (code SOLIDSTARTS10)

10% off EZPZ products (code SOLIDSTARTS)

$5 off MeWe nut butter packets (code SOLIDSTARTS)

10% off Elk and Friends products (code SOLIDSTARTS10)

Ready to get started? See our guides for Starting Solids, Toddlers at the Table, and Reverse Picky Eating.

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