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Ramen Noodle Recipe for Babies & Toddlers

We polled 10,000 of you on Instagram today to see who was able to still get groceries delivered and an astounding 70% of you are unable to get the food you need, when you need it. The thing about Coronavirus that always made me nervous was the human panic response. The stockpiling, the every (wo)man… Read More »

50 Foods to Boost Baby’s Immune System

Immune System Boosters It’s a good time to focus on eating well to support your family’s immune system. The below foods are safe for babies and healthy for the whole family. As with everything, aim to focus on a wide variety of foods and don’t overdo any one thing. If you are not sure how… Read More »

Can Babies Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Why I want my babies to eat chicken nuggets When Charlie first stopped eating three years ago (he was just 12 months old), I would have done ANYTHING to get him to eat. He fell off the growth charts completely—less than 1 percentile in weight—and it was an incredibly stressful time. Charlie’s just begun, at… Read More »

Best Milk Alternatives for Babies & Toddlers

Do babies have to drink cow milk? Editor’s Note: This post was written during the outbreak of COVID-19 when there were milk and formula shortages. For a detailed look at the best milk and milk alternatives for babies and toddlers, hop over to our Milk FAQs. If you run out of milk and your baby… Read More »

What to Give Your Baby if You Run Out of Formula in an Emergency

Emergency Formula Alternatives This post is intended to guide choices in a food shortage emergency. If you are out of formula, call your doctor, clinic, hospital, or breast milk bank. They may have a supply they can share. Do not purchase formula or breast milk on the black market. Lastly, every country sets its own… Read More »

25 Pantry Foods for Babies in Case of Emergency

Whether you want to stockpile for coronavirus, inclement weather, or a blackout, here are 25 pantry foods that are safe and healthy for babies 6 months and up: Almond Butter* Canned Black Beans Canned Cannellini Beans Canned Chicken Canned Chickpeas Canned Corn Canned Kidney Beans Canned Lentils Canned Mandarin Oranges (in juice or water) Canned… Read More »

Why You Should Give Your Baby Sardines

Wait! Stay with me. This smelly little fish might just be the single best food for babies. (Okay, it’s tied with salmon and chicken liver, but…) Among the fish lowest in mercury in all of the sea and chock full of omega fatty acids, sardines are absolutely terrific for babies. And they can be introduced… Read More »

Best & Worst Fish for Babies

Announcing the world’s first fish guide for babies! When I first set out to develop this guide, I didn’t know we’d be the first in the world to publish a fish guide for babies younger than 2 years old. In fact, if you’ve seen posts on what fish to eat from the American Academy of… Read More »

Frieda Caplan, the Kiwi Queen of Purple Potatoes

Frieda Caplan, founder of Frieda’s Specialty Produce, has passed away at the age of 96 If you’ve ever tasted a purple potato, a dragon fruit, or spaghetti squash, you can thank Frieda Caplan. Known for popularizing the kiwifruit (a name she gave to what was then known as the Chinese Gooseberry) in the U.S., Frieda… Read More »

Baby Crackers & Rice Cakes

Crackers, biscuits and cookies are a common cause of choking for children younger than age 3. That said, you need not purchase meltable “baby crackers” either. When shopping for crackers or rice cakes for a baby, here you want to look for: No sugar added Low sodium Soft consistency (should easily crumble if you press… Read More »

How to Make Cheese Safe for Babies & Toddlers

I posted about raw apples the other day because the number one mistake I see parents making with baby-led weaning is offering their baby whole or sectioned raw apple. Don’t get me wrong: I get downright giddy when I see parents taking an ambitious whole food approach with starting solids. And I firmly believe that… Read More »

Can Babies Eat Raw Apple?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Almost every food—oysters, grapes, carrots, and heck, even hot dogs—can be modified to be safe for a 6 month old baby. (Okay, please do not feed your baby hot dogs. Just trying to make a point.)  Which is this: when it comes to minimizing the… Read More »