Development & Motor Skills

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How to Foster Independent Eating…With Spoons!

If you aren’t ready for finger foods but want to lean in toward independent eating, this approach to spoon feeding is a terrific place to start. Meet baby Lora, 6 months, in Umag, Croatia. There are 3 notable things happening here: Mom is holding Lora in her lap, back to belly. This is a terrific… Read More »

Baby or Toddler Throwing Food on the Floor?

It’s a universal problem. The 6-month-old dropping food to test gravity. The 9-month-old who takes a single bite and tosses the rest. The 12-month-old throws a piece of food across the table to see what happens — Does it roll? Splat? Make a sound?!  And of course, there are the toddlers who throw food just… Read More »

What to do When Your Baby Says “No” to Food

Has your baby or toddler started to say “no” to food yet?  No? Just wait. Around 15 months old, my daughter, Adie, developed a strong “no” reflex. She’d actually say no to food she even wanted—shaking her head no AS SHE WAS REACHING FOR MORE. I highlight this fun little development milestone—part speech, part independence—because how… Read More »

How Long Should Your Baby’s Meal Last?

I love to linger over meals.  So it’s always been a goal of mine to create a family space where meals are savored and conversation is flowing. Where the time together socializing is equally important as the food. But you cannot expect your baby to sit for very long when starting solids. In fact, the first… Read More »

Are Footrests on High Chairs Necessary?

Is a footrest or footplate on a high chair really necessary? When I was introducing solids to Charlie—long before Solid Starts was even a glimmer in my head—I used all the wrong high chairs. Frankly, at the time, I cared more about what my apartment looked like than any bells and whistles of a high… Read More »

What To Do When Your Baby Has Too Much Food In Their Mouth

If you’ve been following along closely, you know that you should refrain from sticking your finger in your baby’s mouth to get food out. I will admit, though, that I have done it before. The moment I remember the most was when Adie sucked a piece of chicken to obliteration and it stuck to the… Read More »