Development & Motor Skills

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How Babies Learn to Chew

Babies don’t need to learn how to swallow. But they do need to learn how to chew.  Swallowing is a brainstem reflex present in utero. Babies are born with the ability to swallow. Some struggle with the oral motor skills to latch at the breast or feed from a bottle, but most are born with… Read More »

Tongue Thrust and Starting Solids

You may have heard that one of the signs of readiness for solid food is the disappearance of the tongue thrust.  This claim, however, is not supported by research and it is our professional opinion that the thrust can be helpful when starting solids. Let’s dig in. What is tongue thrust? The tongue thrust, or… Read More »

When Should You Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth?

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Helen Mo to answer all the common questions about baby teeth and brushing. Here’s what she had to say: When should I start brushing baby’s teeth? As soon as the teeth are in! This is typically between 5 and 8 months old. How much toothpaste should… Read More »

Is this normal? Things Babies Do When Tasting New Foods

Parents often mistake a baby’s reactions to food as a sign that the child doesn’t like the food. While this is sometimes the case, more often than not, it’s something else. Here are some common things babies do when tasting new foods: 1. Shuddering or Shivering Why they do it: We don’t know exactly why… Read More »

Smoothies for Toddlers: Nutrition vs. Development

Technically you can introduce smoothies into your child’s diet after their first birthday, though we generally suggest waiting until 15-18 months of age. Here’s why: It takes time to transition from drinking your meals (from breast or bottle) to chewing and swallowing them. And all that chewing and swallowing is hard work! Most babies and… Read More »

What to Expect in Baby’s First Year with Sharon Mazel

Q & A with Parenting Expert Sharon Mazel So much change takes place in baby’s first year of life! Not only will babies likely triple their birth weight by about 12 months of age, they will learn to crawl, eat solid food, stand up, and for many, take their first steps. Which is a lot… Read More »

10 DIY Toys for Babies

When it comes to babies, the very best gifts are often those household items just sitting around in plain sight! Babies and toddlers love to use things they see YOU use day-to-day. And it need not require an entire afternoon of crafting! Here are 10 of our favorite DIY toys and activities you can make… Read More »

Why Bigger Foods Can Be Safer for Young Babies

Have you noticed that the foods marketed to kids (baby carrots, string cheese, hot dogs, etc.) are often choking hazards? Take cheese. In its natural form you’d probably serve it by cutting a slice—a perfectly safe shape for babies and children. But when cheese is formed into firm, rounded logs it becomes a huge choking… Read More »

Baby Spitting Food Out?

Why is my baby spitting food out? Watching your baby take bites of food only to see it fall back out of their mouth can be frustrating and nerve-wracking! Is baby getting enough to eat? Are they unable to swallow? Are they a picky eater? Well, we have good news: For the majority of typically… Read More »

Food Pocketing & Why Baby Shoves Too Much Food in Their Mouth

You sit down to a meal with your baby and lovingly place a picture-perfect plate on the table with two or three different types of foods, camera ready. Next thing you know you’re tossing the camera; your heart has stopped, and you’re prepared for some hands-on support because your baby has filled their mouth to… Read More »

How to Foster Independent Eating…With Spoons!

If you aren’t ready for finger foods but want to lean in toward independent eating, this approach to spoon feeding is a terrific place to start. Meet baby Lora, 6 months, in Umag, Croatia. There are 3 notable things happening here: Mom is holding Lora in her lap, back to belly. This is a terrific… Read More »

Baby or Toddler Throwing Food on the Floor?

It’s a universal problem. The 6-month-old dropping food to test gravity. The 9-month-old who takes a single bite and tosses the rest. The 12-month-old throws a piece of food across the table to see what happens — Does it roll? Splat? Make a sound?!  And of course, there are the toddlers who throw food just… Read More »