Baby-led Weaning Tips

Navigating daily life with baby-led weaning and finger food first? Here’s everything you need to know about food mess and waste, spoons, control, and mealtime dynamics. Also check out hacks on cutting and serving different foods. Check out our Instagram page @SolidStarts for community, conversation, and snackable content.

How to Serve Turkey to a Baby

Turkey—and particularly the dark leg meat—is a terrific food for babies. Loaded with protein, iron, and selenium, there’s no reason not to share this Thanksgiving’s main dish with your little one. How to safely prepare roasted turkey for your baby: 6-9 months old: For young babies very large strips of meat—about the size and length of… Read More »

How to Cut Chicken for Baby Led Weaning

Is bigger better when it comes to chicken for babies? The short answer: it depends on your baby’s age, eating ability, and your comfort level. Meat and poultry are common choking hazards, and ones that should be taken seriously. I personally find chicken hard to chew and just the other night, a piece I had… Read More »

Does Baby-led Weaning Cause Food Waste?

When I first started Adie+Max on solids with baby-led weaning, I was taken aback at how much food ended up on the floor. I am a mama who considers myself to be environmentally aware. I mean, at one point, I had whole vermicomposting sytem set up on our deck. Does baby-led weaning increase food waste?… Read More »

Top 10 Tips for Starting Solid Food

Introducing food to your baby is exciting…and nerve wracking! And while there’s no “right” way to start your baby off on solid food, here are 10 tips to get you going: Create a safe eating environment. This means a proper high chair that is totally upright and fitted with a footplate. Aim to also create a… Read More »

What to do When Your Baby Says “No” to Food

Has your baby or toddler started to say “no” to food yet?  No? Just wait. Around 15 months old, my daughter, Adie, developed a strong “no” reflex. She’d actually say no to food she even wanted—shaking her head no AS SHE WAS REACHING FOR MORE. I highlight this fun little development milestone—part speech, part independence—because how… Read More »

How Long Should Your Baby’s Meal Last?

I love to linger over meals.  So it’s always been a goal of mine to create a family space where meals are savored and conversation is flowing. Where the time together socializing is equally important as the food. But you cannot expect your baby to sit for very long when starting solids. In fact, the first… Read More »

Baby Finger Foods: Safe Sizes & Shapes for Baby-led Weaning

When it comes to babies starting solids, bigger is actually better. I know it’s counter intuitive. I mean, WHAT IF A PIECE BREAKS OFF?! (This will happen. A lot! Stay calm.) Here’s the thing. Your baby is more likely to choke on a corn kernel than a large chunk of banana (or pineapple) that breaks… Read More »

Food Sizes by Age with Baby-led Weaning

You may know that the ideal food size/shape for 6 -9 month olds is the “two-finger” strip. A piece of food that is roughly the size and length of two adult fingers held together. This is because at this age, babies are mostly using their fist to grab things (this is called the Palmar grasp)… Read More »

How to Cut Melons for Babies

Hard, slippery fruit is a choking hazard for babies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve it. How to prepare melon safely for babies:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀1️⃣ Wash the outside of the melon as they are notorious for carrying bacteria (from growing on the ground.) You know, where animals poop! 2️⃣ Cut open and scrape out any seeds.… Read More »

Baby-led Weaning and Cheese

How to cut cheese safely for babies to self-feed With all of the anxiety swirling around, I figured we could all use a little more of the talented Miss Ripley in our lives.  When Ripley’s mom and I first spoke, she expressed that she was nervous when it came to food consistencies like cheese. And… Read More »

101 Snack Ideas for Babies & Toddlers

I don’t know about you guys, but I find it SO hard to come up with healthy snack ideas in the moment. It’s just so easy to reach for a pouch or some other processed food. And with 1,825 meals + snacks to prepare each year, it’s easy to get into a rotational rut.  Our new… Read More »

How to do Baby Led Weaning with Spoons

Training your baby to use a spoon There are numerous benefits to letting your baby self-feed but the mess is REAL. Here’s one way to train your baby to eat independently—with a spoon. Step 1. Stand behind your baby’s high chair with 2 or 3 baby spoons. Step 2. Preload one spoon and rest it… Read More »