Can Babies Eat Beyond Meat Burgers?

two beyond meat burger patties on a white table before being prepared for babies starting solid food

We recently picked up the Beyond Burger at the grocery store wondering how it might fare as a food for babies.

10+ hours later researching our take away is this: 

a side by side comparison of beyond meat and grassfed beef. Includes pictures of both and a check list of pros and cons, including an "X" for 390 mg of sodium in Beyond Meat vs. 75 mg sodium in grassfed beef

Full disclosure, our nutritionist begged us not to publish this graphic. Not because it sends the wrong message, but because meat is so complicated and the graphic doesn’t address a variety of complications, such as the long-term impact of protein isolates on our bodies, that fats and proteins are not equal, and of course, what impact products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat have on those with immune-compromised systems.

Now look, no 6 month old is going to eat 4oz of any meat or faux meat. But we know this for certain: excess sodium is not healthy for babies (or adults).

After sodium, the most important word on this entire graphic is “grassfed.” Because conventional feedlot beef isn’t all that healthy for your baby when you factor in the hormones, antibiotics and toxins. If you can’t afford 100% grassfed beef, go for grassfed and grain finished. And if you can’t afford any kind of grassfed beef, skip it and buy ground lamb, which is an amazing meat for babies and tends to be grassfed, even at scale.

Meat is complicated, but I have found that when things try to be things they are not, it’s not always good for us, either. Plant-based or not.

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