Baby Sign Language at the Table

Teaching your baby some sign language can really help at the table. First, it enables your baby to communicate before verbal communication really kicks in. Secondly, sign language gives your baby some agency during meal time – an important component to raising a happy eater. There are two words in particular that I love to… Read More »

Baby Led Weaning Podcast with Cook Smarts

Of all the tasks in motherhood, I find the meal planning to be the hardest. And I love to cook. Well, I used to at least.  Thinking ahead of what to feed everyone—21 different meals and 14 different snacks every week—while trying not to get stuck in a rotation rut is hard. So hard that… Read More »

Picky Eaters and Apples

How to encourage a picky eater to eat apples with skin on You have no idea how happy this picture makes me. After three years of refusing to eat fresh fruit, my 4 yr old picky eater, Charlie, ate an apple.  WITH THE SKIN ON. Here’s how we did it (he was 2 years old… Read More »

Best Canned Fish for Babies

Because I want you to think twice before serving tuna to your baby, our guide, Best and Worst Fish for Babies is FREE for the rest of this week with the code STAYHOME at check out. Rather than spout off about the lobbying and lawsuits that have shaped the FDA’s recommended fish lists, I’m going… Read More »

How to Freeze Eggs

Never thought I’d see the day I couldn’t get eggs. I mean, it harkens back to the stories my grandmother shared about living in the Depression. So if you are able to get eggs when you want them, I recommend freezing a few for times in need, be that during coronavirus or happier times. First,… Read More »

How to Cut a Mango for Babies

Make way for flying fruit! One of my favorite things ever is watching a baby grab on to a mango spear with their fist only to see it shoot out of their hands and across the room.  Mango can be introduced as soon as your baby is ready to start solidsand mango pits can be… Read More »

Ramen Noodle Recipe for Babies & Toddlers

We polled 10,000 of you on Instagram today to see who was able to still get groceries delivered and an astounding 70% of you are unable to get the food you need, when you need it. The thing about Coronavirus that always made me nervous was the human panic response. The stockpiling, the every (wo)man… Read More »

50 Foods to Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

Immune System Boosters While coronavirus is not hitting children as hard as older adults, it’s a good time to focus on eating well to support your family’s immune system. The below foods are safe for babies and healthy for the whole family. As with everything, aim to focus on a wide variety of foods and… Read More »

Baby-led Weaning, Race, and Class

How we’re making baby-led weaning accessible to all I just read an article about how the virus is bringing out issues of race and class. And I couldn’t help reflecting on how inaccessible baby-led weaning is to many people.  First, let’s be honest: the majority of resources available to moms interested in baby-led weaning are… Read More »

Can Babies Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Why I want my babies to eat chicken nuggets When Charlie first stopped eating three years ago (he was just 12 months old), I would have done ANYTHING to get him to eat. He fell off the growth charts completely—less than 1 percentile in weight—and it was an incredibly stressful time. Charlie’s just begun, at… Read More »

How to Cut Melons for Babies

Hard, slippery fruit is a choking hazard for babies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve it. How to prepare melon safely for babies:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀1️⃣ Wash the outside of the melon as they are notorious for carrying bacteria (from growing on the ground.) You know, where animals poop! 2️⃣ Cut open and scrape out any seeds.… Read More »

Best Milk Alternatives for Babies & Toddlers

Do babies have to drink cow milk? Editor’s Note: This post was written during the outbreak of COVID-19 when there were milk and formula shortages. For a detailed look at the best milk and milk alternatives for babies and toddlers, hop over to our Milk FAQs. If you run out of milk and your baby… Read More »