Eater of the Week: Onyx

Meet our Eater of the Week, Onyx, 7 months. Onyx’s mom, Natalie (@natalie.irl) shares that it’s been really affirming to see so many people on Solid Starts feeding babies food from their own cultures from day one. Natalie is Gullah from South Carolina and Onyx’s dad is Puerto Rican. Onyx’s meals reflect his Afro-Latino heritage,… Read More »

Veggies Have Vitamin C Too!

Here’s a fun fact: bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges! We often think of fruit as the go to for vitamin C and other immune system-boosting nutrients but many veggies have just as much, if not more vitamin C than oranges! So as we head into the fall season here in the U.S.,… Read More »

Smoothies for Toddlers: Nutrition vs. Development

Technically you can introduce smoothies into your child’s diet after their first birthday, though we generally suggest waiting until 15-18 months of age. Here’s why: It takes time to transition from drinking your meals (from breast or bottle) to chewing and swallowing them. And all that chewing and swallowing is hard work! Most babies and… Read More »

What to Expect in Baby’s First Year with Sharon Mazel

Q & A with Parenting Expert Sharon Mazel So much change takes place in baby’s first year of life! Not only will babies likely triple their birth weight by about 12 months of age, they will learn to crawl, eat solid food, stand up, and for many, take their first steps. Which is a lot… Read More »

How to Survive the First 6 Months of Twins

I should probably rename this post to How to Survive the First 6 Months of Twins while caring for a 2 year old since that was beyond hard, but to keep it focused for new parents of multiples, here’s a list of tips that got me through… Barely. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀1. Get babies on same feeding schedule.… Read More »

The Slippery Slope of Canned Fruit

So I want to share a lesson I learned the hard way with all 3 of my babes. Which is this:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀If your budget allows, start—and stay with—fresh food. The moment you slip into processed convenient food (such as canned mandarin oranges as Max is eating in the below video) it’s really hard to go back… Read More »

Sugar and Taste Preferences

How to shape taste preferences and avoid raising sugar-obsessed kids From infant foods and juices to condiments like ketchup, sugar seems to be in just about everything. It’s natural to worry that sweet foods will forever shift a child’s taste preferences for the worse. So let’s dive into the sticky, messy story behind sweets and… Read More »

15 Foods to Eat When Lactating

When lactating, consuming a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods will help keep you strong. Focus on foods rich in vitamins A, B1, folate, B12 and minerals calcium, iron and zinc, which are often insufficient when lactating. Also, eat plenty of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. And of course, drink water! Lots of water! Considering… Read More »

Allergen-Free Meals & Recipes for Babies

It’s here!! We are excited to announce that we just published the world’s first allergen-free meal plan for baby’s first 100 days of starting solids! Designed to be a complementary guide to our First 100 Days: Daily Meal Plan for Starting Solids, this allergen-free meal plan features 100 pages of basic meals + recipes for starting… Read More »

Canned Fish for Babies

There are a number of canned fish types on the market that are suitable for babies. When shopping for canned fish, keep the following in mind: Mercury levels: You won’t find them on any label, so have a look at our fish guide and make sure you know what fish are safe—and which are not.… Read More »

Instant Pot Pumpkin Oats Recipe for Babies

From The Multi-Cooker Baby Food Cookbook by Jenna Helwig The multi-cooker (aka Instant Pot) is genius at cooking whole grains like steel-cut oats. There’s no watching and stirring, no adding water if the level gets low. Just add everything, set the appliance, and walk away. You’ll come back to perfectly cooked grains that are hearty and delicious… Read More »