When Should You Start Brushing Baby’s Teeth?

I hate brushing my babies’ teeth. It’s right up there with potty training! So I asked Dr. Helen Mo to answer ALL the questions we get about baby teeth. Here’s what she had to say: When should I start brushing baby’s teeth? As soon as the teeth are in! This is typically between 5 and… Read More »

Live with Chrissy Rodriguez

Solid Starts founder Jenny Best to go live with blogger and mama Chrissy Rodriguez Join us on Instagram tonight for our next #SolidStartsMom feature as Jenny goes live with Atlanta blogger and mom of three Chrissy Rodriguez! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Chrissy has been a part of our Solid Starts community for a while now and we’re really excited… Read More »

How to Cut Oranges for Babies & Toddlers

You may have heard that oranges—especially small mandarin ones—are choking hazards. The culprit? That papery membrane that holds each orange segment together. And unfortunately canned mandarins (even the ones that say they are in “100% fruit juice” are higher in sugar than the whole fruit. (The fruit juice companies typically use for canned mandarins is… Read More »

How to Foster Independent Eating…With Spoons!

If you aren’t ready for finger foods but want to lean in toward independent eating, this approach to spoon feeding is a terrific place to start. Meet baby Lora, 6 months, in Umag, Croatia. There are 3 notable things happening here: Mom is holding Lora in her lap, back to belly. This is a terrific… Read More »

The Best Bread for Babies

You’ve probably noticed that bread can be tricky for babies…  Bread has a tendency to glom up in the mouth, forming a large, mealy mass that your babe then has to spit out. And because it can stick to the back of the tongue, it can also cause a lot of gagging. But our main… Read More »

Mom Spotlight: Natalie Archer, Endometriosis Fighter

Pictures can be deceiving. And so can our internal biases. What do you see? My first reaction is that I see a gorgeous mama-to-be, probably a model, at peace with her body. I also see a bed with crisp, clean white sheets I would really like to sleep in!  Meet Natalie Archer. Natalie has endometriosis and hyperemesis gravidarum.… Read More »

Baby or Toddler Throwing Food on the Floor?

It’s a universal problem. The 6-month-old dropping food to test gravity. The 9-month-old who takes a single bite and tosses the rest. The 12-month-old throws a piece of food across the table to see what happens — Does it roll? Splat? Make a sound?!  And of course, there are the toddlers who throw food just… Read More »

Podcast: Baby-led Weaning with Solid Starts founder, Jenny Best

Solid Starts founder, Jenny Best, talks about everything baby-led weaning with Deb Flashenberg on the Prenatal Yoga Center podcast. In this episode:  Jenny’s personal story and path to Solid Starts What is baby-led weaning? The benefits of baby-led weaning How to know when your baby is ready for solids Why rice cereal become the first… Read More »

Smoothies for Toddlers: Nutrition vs. Development

In two days, we will step outside of our house as a family for the first time since March 11th. I plan to make some smoothies, contain the twins in the double stroller for a full 25 minutes, and walk to the park.  If I can just find my keys. (Anyone know where I left… Read More »

The milk roundup: Which milk is best for babies and toddlers?

Everything you need to know about milk and plant milk for babies and toddlers! Excited to announce our long-awaited milk page is now here! Everything—and I mean everything—you need to know about cow’s milk, plant-based milks, breast milk, and formula is there. The new page also features a side-by-side comparison of mammalian and plant-based milks… Read More »

How to Cut Chicken for Baby Led Weaning

Is bigger better when it comes to chicken for babies? The short answer: it depends on your baby’s age, eating ability, and your comfort level. Meat and poultry are common choking hazards, and ones that should be taken seriously. I personally find chicken hard to chew and just the other night, a piece I had… Read More »

Live Interview with MasterChef Bruna Chaves

Excited to share that our next #SolidStartsMom spotlight is chef Bruna Chaves ( @brunachaves on Instagram). And because I have a masochistic tendency to do Instagram lives with GORGEOUS mamas, Bruna and I will sharing the screen live on our Solid Starts Instagram account to talk all things food and babies this Sunday at 3pm… Read More »