Baby Led Weaning Podcast with Cook Smarts

A promo image of Jenny Best of Solid Starts for Cook Smarts Podcast

Of all the tasks in motherhood, I find the meal planning to be the hardest. And I love to cook. Well, I used to at least. 

Thinking ahead of what to feed everyone—21 different meals and 14 different snacks every week—while trying not to get stuck in a rotation rut is hard. So hard that I often wonder if I’ll ever love to cook again.

So when Jess Dang, the founder of Cook Smarts invited me to her podcast, I leapt at the opportunity. 

In the podcast I talk about my journey from the New York City Ballet to food, to being a mom of twins with a toddler in tow, and how I unintentionally raised a child who hates to eat.

To learn more about Cook Smarts, I recommend you hop over to the Cook Smarts Instagram page. They have some fantastic content on meal planning and awesome cooking hacks to boot.

xo Jenny Best, founder, Solid Starts

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