Guides for Feeding Babies & Toddlers

Step by step guides for starting solids with real food

Solid Starts regularly publishes downloadable guides and recipe compilations for babies and toddlers. Approachable yet thorough, the guides leave no stone unturned.

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First Foods Essentials

A grid of 4 guides: Top 15 Foods for Babies Starting Solids, 30 Foods Never to Feed Baby, How to Introduce Allergens and Nutrient Cheat Sheet for babies

Menu & Recipe Kit

A grid cover showing a weekly meal planner, a guide for 50 breakfast menus for babies and toddlers, a guide for 75 lunch menus for babies and toddlers and a guide for 100 dinner menus for babies and toddlers

Individual Guides

First 100 Days: Daily Meal Plan for Starting Solids

A step-by-step feeding plan for the first 100 days of starting solids. Featuring an at-a-glance table of menus, 100+ pages of basic recipes suitable for babies 6 months+, and daily tear off sheets with meal plans, recipes, and instructions that can be easily shared with partners and caregivers, the First 100 Days plan takes the anxiety out of starting solids and introducing allergens.

Facing economic hardship? Contact us to apply for complimentary guides.