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2 cobs of sweet corn, one husked and the other in its husk before being prepared for babies starting solid food


Whole corn kernels are a potential choking hazard for babies. However, it is our opinion that it is okay to serve corn on the cob as the gnawing on the kernels changes their shape, reducing the risk.

a pile of original cheerios before being prepared for babies starting solids

Can Babies Eat Cheerios?

Can babies eat Cheerios? Are Cheerios good for babies? Here's what to consider before serving the ubiquitous round O's cereal.

a pile of sugar before being prepared for toddlers starting solids


While sugar is considered safe after 12 months of age, it lacks nutrient density and in excess can lead to increased risk of health problems.

Maple Syrup

While it is considered safe to introduce maple syrup after 12 months of age, it is best to wait until age 2 if possible.

A sourdough boule before being prepared for babies starting solids


When can babies eat bread? Which bread is safest at what age? Bread can be introduced as early as 6 months, but choose your bread wisely.

a pile of uncooked millet on a gray background ready to be cooked for babies starting solids


Millet may be introduced when baby is ready to start solids, around 6 months. Millet is gluten free and safe for those with celiac disease.

A white cupcake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles

Sugar and Taste Preferences

A deep dive into the sticky, messy story behind sweets and sugars and the impact on a child’s taste preferences.

a pile of arborio rice before being prepared for babies starting solid food


Rice and rice products may be introduced as soon as your baby is ready for solids. However, all rice products contain trace amounts of arsenic, a toxic metal.