15 Foods to Eat When Lactating

a pile of dried black beans before being prepared for babies starting solid food

When lactating, consuming a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods will help keep you strong. Focus on foods rich in vitamins A, B1, folate, B12 and minerals calcium, iron and zinc, which are often insufficient when lactating. Also, eat plenty of healthy fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids. And of course, drink water! Lots of water!

Considering these nutritional filters, these foods are the following lactation superstars:

  1. Beans (especially black, navy and pinto)
  2. Collard Greens
  3. Grass-fed Beef
  4. Liver
  5. Mushrooms
  6. Mussels
  7. Oysters
  8. Peas
  9. Salmon
  10. Sardines
  11. Scallops
  12. Shrimp
  13. Sunflower Seeds
  14. Sweet Potato
  15. Trout (farmed, rainbow, Steelhead but avoid lake trout)
Solid Starts founder Jenny Best breastfeeds her twins.
Solid Starts founder Jenny Best breastfeeds her twins.

If you’re trying to produce more milk, one key is the efficient *removal* of breastmilk. In other words, breastfeed and/or pump regularly. Also, some herbs are known to support milk production, and top of our list is Moringa and Milk Thistle. As always, consult your healthcare provider before taking any herbal supplements.

For information on how to preserve nutrients while storing, warming, and even cooking with breast milk, hop over to our page on How to Store & Warm Breast Milk.

Hope this is helpful and keep up the great work! xo

Reviewed by:

Jamie Truppi, MSN, CNS

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